Charitable Remainder Trusts And Generation-Skipping Trusts

Individuals with sizeable estates and complex estate planning goals can benefit from two specialized trusts: generation-skipping trusts and charitable remainder trusts.

  • Generation-skipping trusts are designed in response to the Generation Skipping Tax (GST), which was enacted in 1986. The tax was designed to ensure that individuals did not seek to avoid paying estate taxes by transferring assets to individuals more than one generation younger (i.e., generation skipping). A generation-skipping trust can be structured to take advantage of certain exemptions to the GST, therefore reducing the amount of assets subject to estate taxes.
  • Charitable remainder trusts allow individuals to transfer assets to one or more beneficiaries, with the remaining assets distributed to one or more charities. These trusts keep assets out of the reach of creditors and can also minimize estate tax liability since the assets are no longer the property of the individual.

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