Probate And Trust Litigation Appeals In Florida

If you have been forced to endure the process of litigating the terms of a loved one's will or trust, it is likely that you want nothing more than to move on from what has been a difficult time for you and your family.

Sometimes, though, the decision in a will contest or trust dispute is far from the last word on the matter. You — or the other side in the case — may be dissatisfied with the outcome and wondering whether you have additional legal options to pursue. You may have a sense that the case should have gone the other way, or may be in the position of wanting to uphold the decision of the probate court.

Our estate litigation attorneys understand that no family wants to prolong legal action, but that sometimes, there is simply no other choice. That's why our firm approaches probate and trust appeals committed to getting our clients their ultimate desired outcome — whether that's upholding or overturning a probate court decision — while minimizing the time, energy and family fractures that can play a part in any estate litigation.

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