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December 2013 Archives

Online assets increasingly important in estate planning inventory

When you visit a Florida estate planning attorney to begin the process of preparing your estate planning documents, one of the first instructions you will likely get is to prepare an inventory of your assets. That will require you to go through all of your financial assets, such as bank accounts and retirement plans, as well as all of your physical assets, such as real estate, vehicles and jewelry. Over the last few years, however, online assets have become an important part of estate administration as well.

How a revocable living trust can help you avoid probate

Last week we discussed how a trust can be a good way to help a child or another loved one who has an addiction or other problem that must be recognized in estate planning. Today, we would like to discuss how a certain type of trust can help all of your heirs by making the estate administration process much easier.

Trusts: A way for parents to provide for child with addiction

Family relationships can be complicated; there is no doubt about that. For this reason, estate planning is often a much more personal and emotional experience than one might think. A great example of this involves a situation in which a parent has a child that struggles with addiction.

In will execution, things aren't always as they seem

In general, wills are seemingly straightforward documents. Whether you're writing one or executing one, most people are under the impression that the instructions should be followed exactly. What some people may not know, however, is that there are certain circumstances that can override the instructions provided in a will.

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