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January 2014 Archives

Understanding the importance of updating beneficiary designations

Many Florida residents might have already created their estate plans and have all the documents signed off on. However, estate planners should keep in mind that as life changes, so should your plans for the future. One of the most common estate planning errors is neglecting to update beneficiary designations.

Dispute over Rauschenberg trust continues

The word "trustee" implies that someone designated with the title is a person whom you trust. In the context of estate administration, this trust is even more important. A trustee is appointed to attend to legal and financial affairs following a person's death. But how do you prevent a trustee from overstepping his or her boundaries when it comes to your assets?

Undiscovered assets may complicate estate administration

Sometimes one of the most difficult aspects of estate administration is finding all of the assets that should be included. A recent case involving a former Florida resident is an excellent example of such estate complexities.

Heirs find family keepsakes more valuable than money

Contrary to popular belief, the most valuable assets left by the aging parents of baby boomers may not be monetary assets but instead can be meaningful family keepsakes. Unfortunately, though, unless family members talk about these special mementos before they become an inheritance, expectations and misunderstandings could lead to family conflicts. With that in mind, Florida residents may want to sit down with their loved ones to discuss exactly what to do with the family heirlooms.

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