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February 2014 Archives

Tax consequences critical for estate administration in Florida

One of the biggest estate questions that family members have after losing a loved one is the extent of their tax liabilities. The media loves to report on the ever-changing estate tax environment. Often referred to as death taxes, this levy is often misunderstood.

New Study On Trusts vs. Wills Enlightening For Florida Residents

Most Florida residents know that various documents have become an important part of the estate planning process. While wills continue to have a role, many locals see trusts as an effective way of avoiding the cumbersome probate process. Now, a new international study suggests that this American model is being followed overseas as well.

Legislation proposed to end Florida counties' cremation tax

One question that often arises in making estate planning decisions is whether a person prefers to be buried or cremated. In most Florida counties, there is a tax for cremation services, but a recently introduced bill aims to do away with that additional tax.

The estate planning process: What is probate?

Many people fear probate, but they aren't sure what it is or how it works. In essence, probate is a name for a court process whereby a judge determines the validity of a will and chooses a person to be the executor of the estate administration process. In Florida, the probate process is complicated.

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