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March 2014 Archives

Floridians wonder about revocability of trusts

Florida residents have enough on their plate. From running their businesses to taking care of their kids, adults have little time to manage issues on their periphery. Estate planning is one of the issues that is often pushed back until another day. This delay is also caused by confusion over what is needed in an effective estate plan.

Battles over family inheritance can be difficult

Many Florida residents have had the terrible experience of losing a loved one only to find out afterward that their inheritance has been lost or the loved one's estate has been depleted through someone's fraud or manipulation. To restore the estate, these Florida resident must then go to court with a will contest or another difficult legal action.

Trustee watches over the trust, but who watches the trustee?

One of the most powerful tools available to Florida residents to provide for their loved ones after they are gone is a trust. A person who creates a trust, sometimes known as a settlor or grantor, places assets in the possession of a trustee, who maintains the trust property for the benefit of the beneficiaries long after the grantor is gone. However, a trust can last a very long time. What happens after the trustee is gone?

White House ivory ban may affect estate administration

Recently, a White House official announced an initiative to ban all commercial trade of ivory. Long sought after for its beauty, elephant ivory has been under scrutiny in the United States for decades because of concerns over its collection. While such an initiative may seem like just another mundane action being taken in Washington, it could have a potential effect on estate administration in Florida.

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