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April 2014 Archives

Florida's favorable laws affect others' estate planning

Florida is often the subject of lighthearted jabs directed at the age of its residents. While it is certainly true that the state possesses its fair share of retirement communities, few outside the Sunshine State realize there are reasons, other than the sun, for why retirees are drawn to it.

Estate planning documents that should not be neglected

It is an unfortunate reality that many Florida residents put off planning their estate or do so in a haphazard fashion. Neglecting this very important process can lead to unwanted consequences for both the estate planner and family members. In fact, a non-existent or poorly planned estate could result in higher estate taxes, family disputes over asset distribution and difficulty in making health and financial decisions should the estate planner become incapacitated.

Singer's estate fights for rights almost 30 years after his death

Much of estate planning is concerned with wrapping up one's affairs. Florida residents who execute their wills or create other estate planning documents are thinking about passing their assets on to the next generation. However, sometimes these assets are things that will continue to gather value for many years to come. Sometimes estate administration isn't about just settling debts and giving out bequests.

Do-it-yourself wills could be problematic in Florida courts

For many Floridians, saving money can play a huge role in many decisions. We may forego the name-brand item in favor of the generic version in an effort to keep more in the piggy bank. However, in some situations, going with the higher value option may actually be a better decision in the long-run. When it comes to estate planning - and in particular, the drafting of legal documents such as a will that will govern the estate administration process - cheaper, do-it-yourself options could be missing key features that may eviscerate one's intent for the distribution of the estate.

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