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July 2014 Archives

Florida Case Driving New Estate Planning Trend

Like anything else, estate planning in Florida is in a constant state of evolution. Those involved in the process are constantly striving to make the administration of a loved one's estate better. As a result, new methods for estate planning are popping up around the country. Driven by new taxes, changes to preexisting laws, or simply creativity, the strategies employed even five-years ago may be outdate for today's environment.

Detailed estate planning vital for second-home owners in Florida

With its year round sun and countless activities, Florida is an ideal location for a second home. While many people choose to spend winters in its warmer temperatures, many never permanently move from their homes further north. As a result, Florida is not their "domicile" when they pass away. Accordingly, heirs will file probate proceedings in the home state with the thought that it will button up a parent or grandparent's estate, including any holdings they have here.

Florida Supreme Court Rules Against Do-It-Yourself Will

The Florida Supreme Court issued a recent opinion which could potentially impact anyone opting for a do-it-yourself will downloaded from the internet. The underlying case revolved around a woman who used an online form to draft her will. Unfortunately, the will did not include a residuary clause, or catch-all, to dispose of property not specifically mentioned in the will.

Florida's young professionals encouraged to begin estate planning

Drafting a will is not viewed as a young person's game. Rather, estate planning is more often associated with gray-haired individuals determining how they want a life-time's worth of assets to be divided up amongst their family and favorite charities. Locally, however, there has been a push to encourage Florida's young professionals to erect an estate plan out of the gate.

Will contests disrupt Florida families

The story is horrifying and yet not altogether uncommon in Florida. An individual seeks out professional help to create an estate plan. Given the number of potential heirs and the assets at stake, the individual specifically sets out to prevent a future court battle between their kids. Despite all efforts, however, after the individual passes away, the heirs' disagreement over administration of the estate boils into probate litigation that forever splinters the family unit.

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