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August 2014 Archives

Florida courts help heirs through estate administration

This blog regularly reports on the difference between a will and a trust. The most commonly cited difference is that trusts are private documents which can be administered, generally, without court supervision. Wills on the other hand must go through a probate process that is overseen by Florida courts.

Robin Williams' Estate Planning Provides Lessons for Floridians

If there is a silver lining to tragic celebrity deaths it is the massive amount of media attention which can shed light on issues we often choose to ignore. From Phillip Seymour Hoffman's substance abuse to Robin Williams' depression, public tragedies may allow us to recognize challenges faced by loved ones and jump start efforts to help.

Florida judge grants gay widower probate litigation win

A Palm Beach judge recently ruled against Florida's gay marriage ban by allowing a man to serve as the personal representative of his husband's estate. The Pennsylvania couple had been together for 37 years before marrying in Delaware in 2013. In 2008, they decided to buy a South Florida home. For financial reasons, only one of the men's names was put on the mortgage.

Why is probate administration important?

Virtually everyone has heard about and fretted over the word "probate." Probate, the court supervised gathering and distribution of a deceased person's assets, has gotten a bad reputation in Florida and in other states because of the administrative hoops loved ones must jump through. While there are certainly formal requirements, the process of probate administration can help heirs manage assets in a more efficient manner.

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