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September 2014 Archives

Florida probate laws lay Groundwork for efficient administration

Like most states, Florida has a lot of laws. These laws are codified and made available to the public. While many of them may not interest the average Floridian, the probate laws may be interesting to those tasked with administering an estate. These statutes set forth such things as will formalities, intestate succession and administration.

Proper execution of a will is not automatic in Florida

When someone dies, the distribution of their assets is determined by local laws. Here in Florida, the distribution of assets is first decided by the person's will, also known as a last will and testament. In its most basic form, this document is nothing more than a recitation of a person's desires when it comes to asset transfers, burial wishes or preferred guardians for minor children.

Florida Judge experienced at preventing undue influence

Broward Circuit Judge Mel Grossman certainly has some interesting stories to tell after 36 years as a Florida judge. From cases involving well known entertainers to notorious motorcycle gangs, the judge knows how litigation can stir emotions. His proudest achievement, though, is shaping the local probate court, which has become a federally recognized model for its effectiveness.

Florida estate planning nightmares

Despite the stakes, many local Florida residents are surprisingly hands-off about what will happen to their assets after they die. Often times, when these individuals finally decide they want to direct their inheritance, they are too weak or disabled to fully engage in effective estate planning. While default laws are meant to assume the intent of the decedent, examples of nightmare scenarios show why a well-formulated estate plan is so vital.

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