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Proper execution of a will is not automatic in Florida

When someone dies, the distribution of their assets is determined by local laws. Here in Florida, the distribution of assets is first decided by the person's will, also known as a last will and testament. In its most basic form, this document is nothing more than a recitation of a person's desires when it comes to asset transfers, burial wishes or preferred guardians for minor children.

Getting that document enforced by a local probate court, however, is not automatic. Many people believe they can simply fill out a form online or scribble a few things down on a piece of paper. Called holographic wills, these homemade wills are not the best way of protecting assets.

Under Florida law, a will must abide by certain formalities before it can be enforced. While a holographic will be allowed under certain circumstances, there is no guarantee. If no valid will exists, one's assets will be distributed under Florida's default laws or intestacy statutes. These default rules may be contrary to a person's wishes.

To avoid such unwanted distribution of your assets and to ensure your wealth is managed appropriately, local Lee County residents should visit the skilled attorneys at the Kuhn Law Firm. These expert estate planning lawyers will make sure that a will is enforceable and covers all areas of concern. In addition, these experts can explain the advantage of other estate planning tools like trusts, living wills, and power of attorneys. No matter what you want to do with your assets, the Kuhn law offices can help formulate the necessary documents to put your intentions into effect.

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