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October 2014 Archives

New study highlights Floridians motivations for estate planning

Estate planning is extremely important for Floridians. A new study from industry leaders has honed in on the top three reasons people engage in estate planning. The number one reason surveyed was the desire to avoid probate. The next two reasons cited for an individual's decision to undertake estate planning were to prevent discord amongst beneficiaries and protect those same beneficiaries from mismanaging their inheritance.

Does Court's inaction on gay marriage effect estate planning?

As the gay marriage issues grabs more headlines many local Florida residents wonder what the practical consequences of the changing laws are and whether they will be affected. One of the biggest effects for states that recognize gay marriage will come in the form of changes to the application of probate laws. Currently, every state has certain protections and default rules for spouses when their mate dies. What's different in these states, however, is whether those rules apply to a same-sex spouse.

Fort Myers trustees and trust administration

Trusts are becoming more and more common in the estate planning process. From revocable living trusts, which exist during a trustor's lifetime, to a testamentary trust created by someone's last will, trusts can and do arise in a multitude of situations. In their simplest form, trusts are nothing more than an entity, which controls assets for the benefit of one or more beneficiaries.

Strange probate litigation ends up in Florida appellate court

Everyone know that courts are in place to resolve disputes. Given the costs, administrative headaches and public nature of those courts, however, most disputes brought before them are high dollar matters. Nevertheless, probate litigation is still an area where less financially charged conflicts are being fought.

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