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November 2014 Archives

Smooth estate administration planning requires pro-activity

This blog regularly discusses issues with estate planning. From wills to trusts, there are countless ways for local Fort Myers and Lee County residents to control their final wishes. In practice, though, these plans can be undone by poor administration. As a result, any comprehensive estate plan must make provisions for a smooth estate administration.

Florida residents can take a few steps to enact an estate plan

Estate planning is often viewed as a myriad of confusing forms, trusts, regulations and difficult decisions. In reality, most estate planning can be done with a few, mostly painless, steps. By knocking out some of the more fundamental exposure areas, local Lee County residents can set up a plan that surpasses that of many individuals.

Should Fort Myers residents opt for a will or a trust?

Local residents want to know whether they should have a trust carry out their wishes after they are gone. They then want to know whether this step could do away with their wills. Despite the common nature of such questions, many Lee County residents are still wondering which direction is best for them.

Importance of estate planning highlighted in veteran's dilemma

Some people are questioning what happened after a distinguished World War II veteran was removed from his home and placed in a nursing home by a court-appointed conservator. According to reports, the 96-year-old man was unnecessarily forced to move out of his home which has since drained his life-savings in nursing home expenses.

Trust Administration Experts Available in Fort Myers

By now, most individuals are familiar with the general concept of a trust. Rather than just gifting a large sum of assets to beneficiaries, many individuals choose to direct those funds in a controlled way. The most common example is grandparents who provide for their grandchildren's education before granting them a larger lump sum of money for things like a down payment on a home once they attain a certain age.

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