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December 2014 Archives

Florida probate laws always changing

Florida has a well-established probate code that dates back to the turn of the 19th century. In addition to the code, our state enjoys ample legal precedent from judges that have interpreted these laws. As a result, there is some continuity and certainty in the probate of an estate. At the same time, the Florida Legislature is constantly tinkering with the code to improve efficiency and ensure that the intent of the decedent is honored.

Some things women should keep in mind when estate planning

A recent article published here in Fort Myers suggests that many women suffer from what one study terms "Bag Lady Syndrome." As ominous as it may sound, the condition is nothing more than a fear of losing their financial independence. Of those suffering from Bag Lady Syndrome, over 60 percent were the primary earner in their family.

Trust administration help available to Fort Myers residents

Every day in America, including Fort Myers, someone learns that he or she has been named the trustee of a trust, and every day someone wonders what the trustee of a trust is supposed to do. In many respects, the trustee is simply tasked with carrying out the terms of the trust. The trust, however, can fall anywhere on the complexity and asset spectrum.

Fort Myers residents, self-dealing and estate administration

A recent revenue ruling issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has caught the attention of many estate planners in the Fort Myers' area. The ruling concerned an individual who had sold an interest in his company to a trust for a note. Under his will, the man then conveyed the note to several beneficiaries, including a personal foundation. Generally, the IRS views such transactions as "self-dealing," which may trigger an excise tax.

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