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January 2015 Archives

Fort Myers' Residents Seeking Streamlined Estate Planning Ideas

Locally, Fort Myers and Lee County residents maintain some of the most dynamic and active lifestyles in the country. From schooling to working to enjoying retirement and all the family, friends and activities in between, Floridians have little spare time. As a result, they often eschew things like proper estate planning.

Some key differences between wills and trusts

The differences between wills and trusts are numerous and depending upon your situation, one might be more appropriate than the other. Wills and trusts also have a lot in common. At their core, both documents are simply estate planning tools in which you appoint a person to distribute your assets under certain terms and conditions. There is one crucial difference everyone undertaking estate planning must be aware of, however.

How often do I need to revisit my estate plan?

As this blog regularly reports, too many local Fort Myers and Lee County residents fail to engage in comprehensive estate planning. This risky strategy exposes their wealth to the whims of family and friends, along with state and federal regulations. Nevertheless, many of them cite the inability to account for contingencies as a reason to not engage in estate planning at all.

Lee County residents advised to add estate planning as resolution

It's that time of year when we roll our eyes at the urging to adopt this resolution or that for the new year. While a new diet or workout routine may seem like a daunting 2015 exercise, there are other more simple resolutions you can make to get the momentum going.

Florida calling for more probate judges

The Florida Supreme Court has recently put the state Legislature on notice to the fact that Florida needs more judges. The State's highest court cited the large number of cases, the increased complexity of those cases and new legislation as the primary reason for requesting 32 new judges.

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