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March 2015 Archives

Can Florida guardians terminate their legal responsibilities?

Many Florida families have found themselves in the unfortunate situation where they needed to find a guardian to take care of a senior family member's legal and personal affairs. This is usually because the senior is no longer able to make his or her own decisions anymore, especially when it comes to estate planning. The guardian can be a family member, relative or trusted family friend. Once approved and appointed by a court, the guardian will then be able to legally care for this family member, who is also known as a ward. But sometimes a guardian's circumstances change and he or she may need to relinquish their guardianship. But exactly when can a Florida guardian give up their legal duties?

What critical items must be included in a Florida will?

Death is a subject that no Florida resident likes to talk about. Whether referring to themselves or friends and family members, the topic of death rarely, if ever, makes it into the day's conversation. That's because the topic is unpleasant and it reminds people of their own mortality. However, there is at least one time in everyone's life that the topic of death must be discussed calmly and at length. That is when people sit down and draw up their will.

What does a Florida court consider probate assets?

The process of carrying on with one's life after the loss of a beloved family member can be traumatic for many Lee County, Florida, residents. Once the funeral and burial services are finished, this is usually followed by the process of gathering the deceased's possessions and determining what to do with them. Items of clothing can be donated to charitable organizations. Family members may ask for a particular small object to remember the deceased. But, what happens to the main assets of the recently departed? Real estate, bank accounts and insurance policies cannot simply be liquidated or sold. For this process to move forward, a deceased person's list of assets and debts has to go through probate court.

What is the role of a guardian in Ft. Myers?

Guardianships and how they're structured is an issue that frequently arises in Fr. Myers and throughout the state. There are often misconceptions about how a guardian goes about his or her duties and what it is the guardian actually does. Understanding various factors regarding guardianships is important when there are concerns about them, and knowing the powers and duties allocated to the guardian can help with handling any problems or questions that might arise from them.

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