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May 2015 Archives

Some basic information about Florida trusts

Most Florida residents know that a will is traditionally the central component of a good estate plan because it spells out the testator's specific wishes regarding their assets. And while a will can specify details about the distribution of property, sometimes a better option is to create a trust in order to properly manage the assets both during the testator's life and after death. A well drafted trust can complement or substitute for a will and it has become an important estate planning tool.

Basic estate planning documents that can bring peace of mind

Many Floridians know that the only certainty in life is uncertainty. But when it comes to estate planning, uncertainty can be a recipe for disaster. Failing to provide specific instructions for the distribution of one's assets after death means the state will decide how to distribute them. But with a little effort, a person can make sure their assets go to the people or organizations they want them to. So here is a quick breakdown of four basic documents that should be a part of everyone's estate plan.

Family fails to gain control of famous blues guitarist's affairs

Many Florida residents know how important solid estate planning is for both themselves and their families. By investing the proper amount of time and effort, and by keeping all of their estate documents such as wills and trusts up to date, Florida residents can prevent misunderstandings between family members and other professionals who work with them, such as accountants and business managers. Unfortunately for several family members of one blues guitar legend, mistrust in their father's manager has forced them to try to gain control of their father's assets.

Things that shouldn't be included in a will

Creating a will as part of an estate plan can be a daunting task for many Florida residents. There is a tendency for some people to try to stuff their wills with far more specific details than necessary. It is important to remember that when putting together a will, there is some information that shouldn't be a part of this all important document.

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