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June 2015 Archives

Avoiding probate with a Florida living trust

Probate can be a time-consuming and potentially costly situation for many Florida residents. Probate is the method by which a grantor's debts are paid and his or her property and assets are distributed to their heirs. But it can take many months for a decedent's heirs to receive their portion of the assets and these assets may be reduced after court costs. However, there are estate planning strategies that can help avoid the probate process.

What happens during the probate process in Florida?

It is generally only after someone's death that the process of settling their estate and distributing their assets can begin. If the decedent left a will or died without a will or trust, the estate will need to go through probate. But many Florida residents may not understand exactly what happens during this all important process. So here are some basic facts about probate.

Some basic information on Florida guardianship law

Many Florida residents have a pretty good idea of how they want their assets divided up among their loved ones once they have passed away. They may even have executed a will or trust that explicitly spells out their final wishes. But what if there is a special member of their family that is unable to take care of themselves? Is there any type of legal procedure that can ensure this individual will be cared for after the testator passes away?

Comic legend's family continues to argue over his estate plan

Florida residents know that a well thought-out estate plan is one way to prevent disagreements among family members after one has passed away. By having all of the testator's wishes explicitly spelled out in the estate plan, there can be no room for family disputes when the executors and trustees seek to carry out the decedent's final wishes. However, for one Hollywood comic legend, it appears that his family has still been unable to iron out some fundamental issues regarding his estate almost a year after his death.

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