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July 2015 Archives

Billionaire's will contested; 'undue influence' alleges daughter

Florida is the home of a large population of the retired and elderly. Then it is no surprise that many people meet the end of their life in Florida since many non-residents earlier in life flock to the state at some point in their later years. One Florida resident who happened to be a billionaire and the owner of a large publishing company passed away with a full will outlining his wishes for his estate. His daughter, who received no money or family heirlooms, is contesting the will.

Everyday estate planning mistakes that should be avoided

Many Florida residents know the value of solid estate planning. They understand that by following some simple guidelines, it's possible to steer clear of many difficult legal situations that can develop once a testator passes away. Here is a list of common estate planning mistakes that should be avoided at all costs.

The basics, and importance, of effective estate planning

Estate planning may sometimes seem like an intimidating concept to families. In reality, estate planning involves several important estate planning tools, or types of documents, and the important considerations many families already have on their minds. While there are several important elements to an effective estate plan, estate plans are uniquely tailored to the unique needs of each individual setting up or maintaining an existing estate plan.

Qualities that can help identify the perfect guardian

There are two types of guardians. One kind is someone who will manage a person's estate after they have passed away, while the other is someone who will become the parent of their dependent child if the parents have died. Choosing the correct guardian for your children can be complicated. So here are some qualities to look for in an individual when setting up a guardianship.

What are the duties of an executor in Florida?

An executor is an individual named in a testator's will who is charged with taking care of the legal and financial responsibilities of the deceased individual's estate. The executor's responsibilities include submitting the will for probate, paying any outstanding taxes for the testator's estate, settling any debts of the estate, collecting money due the estate, and finally distributing the assets of the estate to the beneficiaries named in the will. Because of the personal nature of this type of activity, an executor is usually either a close family relative or a close family friend of the testator.

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