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August 2015 Archives

Comic's children continue to wage estate battle with his spouse

A battle over a decedent's estate can turn ugly very fast. So many Florida residents have tried to avoid this type of legal squabble by developing a solid estate administration plan. However, one celebrated comic's family continues to wage a legal fight over his assets with his wife.

What happens to your assets if you don't have a will in Florida?

A will is the basic estate planning document and most Floridians know that this essential tool lays the foundation for a good estate plan. But there are still many individuals who have not taken this important first step and have not prepared their wills. So what happens to one's assets if they die without a will?

Basic information about estate plans for Florida residents

Most Florida citizens know what a will is. They may also know some general information about a trust. However, they may not know that both of these documents fall under the main umbrella of estate planning. And while an estate plan can sometimes seem to be overly complex and confusing, the basic concept of it can be explained quite readily.

Additional estate planning tools for Floridians to consider

Many Florida residents recognize the importance of careful estate planning. For example, they may be familiar with many of the documents that are a part of the process, including a will, a living trust and a durable power of attorney. However, there are additional estate planning tools that can be an important resource when developing a comprehensive estate plan.

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