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September 2015 Archives

Single men and women should still develop a proper estate plan

Most Florida residents know that developing a solid estate plan is one way to ensure that their beneficiaries will be properly taken care of after they pass away. But estate planning is not just for those individuals who have spouses. Single men and women who don't have either a spouse or children should still take advantage of the peace of mind that estate planning can provide.

What is a will executor?

It has been estimated that as few as 30 percent of Americans have wills. Considering the seriousness of the topic, it is surprising that so few people take the time and effort to create a will. Failing to create a will means that an estate enters what is known as intestate, which means that a probate court will handle the division of all property and finances within the estate. This can be a long, expensive and complicated legal process.

Children believe that step-mother filed false will for father

In the world of estate planning, anger and resentment can reach a very high level if heirs of a testator believe that they have been improperly left out of that person's will. These individuals may go to extreme legal lengths, including claiming undue influence or fraud, in order to get what they believe is theirs. In a recent example of this, two children of a deceased physician have gone to court because they believe that their father's will was fraudulent.

What life events should trigger an estate plan review?

There are many Florida residents who believe that their estate plan is in tip top shape, even though they may not have reviewed it in a while. But estate planning, much like life, can be fluid and subject to change, and there are situations in life that necessitate a review of one's estate plan. But, what are some of these situations?

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