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November 2015 Archives

Basic requirements for a Florida guardianship

It can be very difficult to see the physical and mental deterioration of a loved one. As they get worse, they may not be able to make lucid decisions about their health and finances. When that happens, families may decide to appoint a guardian for their loved one who will be able to act in their best interest. So here are some basic conditions for Florida guardianship.

What assets does a Florida court consider to be probate assets?

Probate is the process by which the assets and property of a deceased individual are identified and labeled by a court and then distributed to the testator's beneficiaries after these assets are used to first pay off any outstanding debt that the testator may have had, including probate costs. But, there are many different kinds of assets that can be a part of an estate. So, exactly what type of assets does a Florida court consider to be probate assets?

Comedian's will to prevent production of further film sequels

Most Florida residents know that a will is used by the testator to indicate precisely how their estate should be taken care of after their death. However, a will can also be used for other specific instructions as well. It can, for example, indicate precisely how the testator's image and voice can be used after they are gone. Recently, one famous comedian's will was used to reinforce his wishes in this exact area.

Trustees must act in the bests of the trust or face legal action

When people create an estate plan they trust that the people who are administering this plan will work to carry out their final wishes. Florida residents take great care using estate planning documents for the benefit of their loved ones. However, they do need to rely on others to carry it out after their death.

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