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January 2016 Archives

Lawsuit claims partner stole millions from other pantyhose heir

Differences between business partners can be a fairly common occurrence. These differences can even continue after one of the partners dies and the other partner and the testator's family members both inherit the estate. This is apparently true for the heirs to the estate of the creator of the L'eggs pantyhose container. One of the heirs now claims that the other has reneged on his fiduciary duty to the estate for his own financial gain.

Frequent estate planning mistakes that should be avoided

Good estate planning can go a long way to ensure that all of the testator's final wishes are carried out. However, even a solid estate plan can be undone by simple careless mistakes that may not be obvious to many individuals. So here are two common estate planning errors that should be avoided at all costs.

What federal taxes must be paid during the probate process?

The probate process is intended to settle the estate of an individual who has recently died. It is overseen by a court and identifies and collects all of the testator's assets and tries to distribute them to any beneficiaries that have been named. But probate must also identify any debts that the testator had and try to settle them as well. But can the probate process generate any circumstances that involve paying federal taxes?

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