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February 2016 Archives

Steps that must be taken when seeking a Florida guardianship

It can be heartbreaking to realize that a beloved family member is no longer able to make their own decisions. But, should that time occur, many Florida residents choose to appoint a guardian for their family member to take care of them and make their medical, financial and personal decisions. However, the process of granting a guardianship in Florida is a very deliberate process and must be followed exactly.

What components are essential for a valid will?

Most Florida residents know that a valid will is an essential foundation of a good estate plan. That's because an expertly prepared will can go a long way to protect assets and ensure that the testator's final wishes are properly carried out. But what specific requirements must be included in a will in order for it to be considered legal?

Husband and children fight over art collector's sizeable estate

Many times careful estate planning by the testator can avoid squabbles between their designated heirs later on. Precise instructions on what benefits are to be awarded to a specific beneficiary through the use of a well-thought out and understandable will can render the testator's final wishes apparent. However, this is not always the case and, recently, the heirs of one very famous art collector have now taken their estate battle to the courtroom.

Rocker leaves sizable estate to wife, children and two others

Deciding who should receive one's assets after they pass away can sometimes involve careful thought and rigorous planning. An individual may also have to consider different methods to pass their assets on to their heirs. Now, it seems that one famous rocker carefully considered this very question when he created his will.

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