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April 2016 Archives

How important is estate planning for singles?

Most Floridians know that estate planning is essential, especially if they have a spouse and children. Good estate planning, including a will, is the best way to express one's final wishes to their heirs. But, what if someone is not married and has no children? Is estate planning just as important for a single person as it is for someone who is married?

Simple estate planning steps that can provide real benefits

Most Florida estate planning experts agree that Floridians do not need to be wealthy to enjoy the benefits of a good estate plan. A good estate plan can help ensure that all of the testator's wishes are properly carried out. However, it also does not matter if the testator is a financial mogul or only has more modest resources. There are still certain steps that everyone can take to help ensure that their wishes are carried out.

Do's and don'ts on leaving a trust as a beneficiary for an IRA

When it comes to estate planning, some Florida residents are like ostriches and bury their head in an attempt not to think about it. However, there is one estate planning technique that must not be ignored or considered lightly. It must be carefully thought out and the benefits weighed against the disadvantages. This procedure is leaving a trust plan as the beneficiary of an individual's IRA account. So here are some basic do's and don'ts about this controversial estate planning technique.

What estate tax issue can now also benefit same sex couples?

Until recently, same sex couples could not take advantage of the same tax implications benefits that heterosexual couples could. That changed on June 25 of 2015 with the Supreme Court's ruling on the legality of gay marriage. But that historic decision did more than just grant same sex couples the right to get married in the nation. It also granted them these same rights to several different kinds of tax breaks. But what specific type of benefit is now also available to same sex couples?

Trusts can be an important part of a complete estate plan

Trusts can sometimes be complex and intimidating to understand but they can also be an important part of a complete estate plan. A will and the documents that accompany it, which can include trusts, is the solid foundation of any estate plan. A variety of documents can accompany an estate plan, including wills and health care directives, and depending on the goals for the estate plan, it can also be helpful to consider trusts.

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