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June 2016 Archives

What advantages can a living will provide?

An estate plan should usually include different types of documents that establish all of a testator's final wishes. And, while wills and trusts usually form the foundation of a good estate plan, there are other equally important documents that could be considered. One type of document that can provide specific estate planning advantages is a living will. But, what are some of the advantages of a living will?Although it sounds very much like a traditional will, a living will only expresses the testator's desires regarding their healthcare if they become unable to communicate their wishes. Living wills are the perfect document to list the specific types of medical procedures and treatments that the testator does not want used on them for many different kinds of illnesses and diseases. Physicians and other medical professionals must follow the testator's instructions that are placed in this kind of document.

Advanced estate planning can offer significant advantages

A good estate plan is essential for anyone who wants to have peace of mind over their assets and legacy. Starting with the basic building blocks such as a will, an estate plan can be either quite simple and direct, or more complicated and involved, depending on the testator's situation and needs. More involved estate planning is also known as advanced estate planning, and this does offer specific advantages for the testator.

Preparing for baby? Three tips to get your finances in order.

Getting ready for a baby is an exciting and terrifying time. Putting together a crib and changing table prove to be bonding experiences of epic proportions for parents. This is true both with the emotional it's-really-happening as well as the typical putting-together-furniture-is-so-frustrating issues.

What are some common reasons for challenging a will?

A will is supposed to contain the final legal wishes of the testator and most people gathered at a will reading believe that this is probably the case. However, there are always situations where an heir believes that the testator's will isn't valid, but believing this to be so is just not enough. Someone who is concerned about a family member's will must be able to prove that it isn't valid. What are some of the most common reasons for challenging a will?

Car crash spike in Florida translates to higher insurance costs

Floridians are facing more than just steep temperatures this summer. A recent report by the Tampa Bay Times notes that the state has experienced an uptick in the number of car crashes. This increase in auto accidents has also translated to a jump in insurance costs.

Prince's estate may owe more than it's worth

Estate planning is more than just determining who gets what. This legal process can also be used to help reduce the taxes imposed on your estate. A failure to put together a plan leaves your estate at the mercy of the government - which can lead to steep tax bills.

There can be both benefits and risks with a living trust

A living trust can be a solid addition to a testator's estate plan. But this kind of estate planning tool is not for everyone in Florida, and it's important to understand that this kind of trust offers both advantages and disadvantages. So here is a brief look at some of the benefits and risks of this type of estate planning tool.

Estate planning and divorce: One step to protect your children

It is rare that anything in law can be done with one step. Thankfully, when it comes to safeguarding your children's financial future after a divorce, one relatively simple step can make a big difference. In fact, it isn't even that painful - and as an added bonus, it is also an important step for estate planning.

The importance of legal help in probate litigation in Florida

One of the more difficult situations that families will face in Florida has to do with probate issues and the possibility of litigation. It might seem untoward to have to move forward with a legal filing based on these circumstances, but there are times when it is absolutely necessary to protect those involved with the case. This is true whether there are substantial assets in dispute or the estate is one of more modest means. Everyone can use legal help in probate cases. Having legal advice when determining whether a court battle must be waged is one of the keys to settling the matter.

What strategies can help retirees preserve more of their wealth?

A solid estate plan can do more than help the beneficiaries of an individual's estate. Estate planning can also help the testator preserve more of their assets once they retire. That's because estate planning experts recognize many of the common pitfalls in this area. They also know many strategies that can help a testator keep more of their wealth once they retire. But what are some of these strategies that can help someone preserve more of their assets?

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