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July 2016 Archives

Putting together an estate plan? Three steps to success.

A number of events can trigger the need for an estate plan. Some realize this need when they have children. Others begin the process when retirement is on the horizon. Whatever the occasion, it is wise to have a basic outline in place before sitting down to put together the plan.

Are there ways to avoid court-appointed guardianship?

Many senior citizens fear the complications of old age. They're afraid of not being able to perform the physical activities that they once did. They may also be afraid of becoming mentally incapacitated and losing control of their assets by having a court-appointed guardian assigned to them. But, are there ways to avoid this type of event should an individual become mentally incapacitated?

The importance of updating your estate plan

Many people think that once an estate plan has been developed, that's one more item to cross off the to-do list. Just slip it into a drawer and forget about it. Nothing could be further from the truth. With every year comes change to accumulated and available assets. And one of the most important reasons to update an estate plan is the evolution of family over a lifetime.

Risks and benefits of using a corporate trustee

Most Florida residents know that having an honorable and dedicated trustee should be a key part of any good estate plan. That's why many testators choose a beloved family member or close friend to be their trustee. However, if a testator does not have a close friend or family member, they may opt to have a corporation act as their trustee. But, choosing a corporate fiduciary brings with it certain benefits and potential risks.

The next level of estate planning: Two tips to preserve wealth.

Building wealth is a lifelong endeavor. You can increase the likelihood that these assets not only survive a transfer, but continue to grow. One proactive measure to help better ensure continued growth is to put together an estate plan.

Judge believes it will take time to settle rocker's estate

Most Florida residents know that not having a will can lead to big problems for potential heirs. Without the proper estate planning tools to guide them, a decedent's family will not know how to correctly allocate assets from the estate. Worse, the heirs may begin to fight with one another over what asset belongs to whom and it could take years to properly settle the estate.

Basic differences between wills and trusts

Most Florida residents know that they need an estate plan. It doesn't matter if their assets are comprehensive or more modest in size; they know that the best way to make sure that their final wishes are followed is to develop a good estate plan. They probably also know that wills and trusts form the foundation of good estate planning, but they may not know what the differences are between these documents.

3 estate planning tips to help Boomers prepare for retirement

Retirement is quickly approaching or already beginning for most Baby Boomers. This innovative and independent generation has many things to look forward to, potentially including travel to exotic locations, road trips across the country and taking the time to learn new things.

Financing Fido: Should you consider a pet trust?

Pet lovers often consider their dogs, cats, birds and other pets as fury, feathery or scaly family members. Opening your home to a pet comes with many joys, results in some interesting stories and can even have some health benefits - but it also comes with a cost.

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