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August 2016 Archives

Estate planning for blended families

Many more families today are blended than may have been the case in years past. Blended families can present unique challenges concerning estate planning that individuals considering how to approach estate planning should be aware of. Effective estate planning is always a good idea but it can have especially important implications in cases of blended families. To provide peace of mind for the estate planner, it is essential not to leave estate planning undone, leaving it instead to a second spouse and children that may be from a previous marriage to work out details which may ultimately lead to disputes.

What usually happens during the process of probate?

It is only after someone's death that the process of actually settling their estate and distributing their assets can begin. For most beneficiaries, this means that their family member's estate documents will need to go through probate. But to many Florida residents, the process of probate can sound very mysterious. So what exactly happens during the process of probate?

Avoiding estate planning mistakes

Protecting your estate is important, and there are many ways in which you can do that. Unfortunately, there are also many estate planning mistakes that can be made, and these can be very costly. These kinds of mistakes can put your future and the future of your beneficiaries at risk, and you might not even realize that you've made mistakes. Rather than take those risks, it's a much better choice to talk to an attorney who can help you set up your estate plan and make any needed changes as your situation evolves over time.

Tips that can help someone choose the right executor

Picking the right person to act as an executor of an estate is not a simple task. Many times people who seem to be a logical choice, such as a spouse or a son or daughter, may not have the qualities needed to properly take care of a testator's estate. But, there are some guidelines that can help a Florida resident choose the proper executor.

A will can be an essential estate planning document

Estate plans can vary in complexity. For individuals who have sizable assets, they can include a variety of documents, including several different kinds of trusts such as irrevocable trusts, revocable trusts and even special needs trusts. But, while someone who has much more modest assets may not need many of these different estate planning tools, there is still one document that will likely be a cornerstone of the estate plan: a will.

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