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September 2016 Archives

Basic estate planning documents that provide substantial benefits

When it comes to estate planning, uncertainty can be a recipe for disaster. Not making specific and detailed plans for one's assets means that the state will decide how to divide them after a person dies. But with just a little thought and effort, a testator can make sure that their assets go to the people or organizations that they want them to. So here is a quick look at some basic estate planning documents that can provide solid benefits as well as peace of mind.

A Power of Attorney can be a flexible estate planning tool

Solid estate planning can really help bring peace of mind and can clearly delineate a person's final wishes. However, there are still some Florida residents who fail to see the many advantages of estate planning. Some of them have not even developed simple power of attorney. That is unfortunate since a POA can become very important if someone becomes ill or incapacitated. So here is some basic information about this very flexible estate planning tool.

Are there advantages to creating a special needs trust?

Many senior citizens in the nation depend on the benefits provided by government programs such as Supplemental Security Income and Medicaid. Some really need it because they may be physically or mentally disabled and unable to care for themselves. But what happens if a disabled senior citizen receives some monetary assets due to the death of another family member? Is there any type of estate planning tool that can offer advantages for this type of person?

Two reasons to include digital assets in your estate plan

A successful estate plan should be tailored to cover the owner's entire estate. In this day and age, that means it should include provisions regarding digital assets. This expands beyond log-in information for social media accounts and email to include access to online banking accounts.

How to stop heirs from fighting over an inheritance

The idea behind most estate plans is to clearly indicate what will happen to a testator's various assets. Unfortunately, some beneficiaries get upset with what their beloved family member left them and they feel that other heirs may have received items that they think should have gone to them. The result is a squabble that can blow up into a full blown legal quarrel. So here are some steps testators can take to help prevent heirs from fighting over their inheritance.

Estate planning and the election: Potential impact of each candidate

Estate planning is a process that allows property owners to take advantage of various rules and regulations to help better ensure that they can get the most out of their assets. These rules and regulations are impacted by various changes in laws, changes that can happen at any time.

What information shouldn't be part of a will?

Creating a will as part of an estate plan can be a daunting task for many individuals. That's why many rely on estate planning professionals to help them put together a solid will that takes care of all of their needs. But, it's important to remember that while a will should be as thorough as possible, there is some information that shouldn't be included in it. But exactly what information shouldn't be included in a will?

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