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December 2016 Archives

Should I choose one of my children to be executor of my will?

Choosing the right executor of your will is just as important as creating the will itself. The role of the executor is to manage your estate and make sure that your final wishes are carried out. The person you choose needs to be able to handle these responsibilities.

3 things new mothers should know about estate planning

Now that you have children who are depending on you, it is imperative that you know your children are taken care of if something happens to you. Though no one likes to contemplate one's mortality, this is especially important because it lays out the plans for what will happen if you and your husband pass away suddenly. The plans you make now can help to keep your children from having to go into the state's custody and they can help to ensure your children are cared for when you are gone.

Planning for the future and the importance of a marital trust

Planning for your future is something you have been doing your entire life. Plan for college, plan for a career, plan for your family, and plan for your retirement. But what about planning for after retirement, when you have passed from this world?

What is the role of a power of attorney regarding a living will?

We never know when a sickness or accident may strike. That's life. That is why having a living will is so important. The purpose of a living will is to provide instructions to medical professionals and your family and loved ones on how to proceed in the event of an illness or injury that prevents you from making decisions regarding your health.

6 estate planning steps for new parents

When your first child is born, you're obsessed with setting up the nursery, getting baby clothes, and trying to figure out a brand new sleep schedule. Provided you can sleep at all, that is. This is an exciting and chaotic time, a huge transition in your life, and there's a lot to be done.

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