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April 2017 Archives

Those facing probate litigation may want legal advice

When a person in Florida loses a loved one they experience a wide range of emotions. Whether their loved one's life was cut short at a young age, or whether their loved one lived well into their elder years, it is never easy when a loved one dies. Sadness can overwhelm a person during such a time. However, this sadness can be compounded if a person thinks their loved one's estate is being mishandled. That is because even if a loved one left a will, there are reasons why a person might have an issue with the will that leads to probate litigation.

Trust administration may be best left to professionals

When a person in Ft. Myers creates an estate plan, he or she may have chosen a successor trustee, a health care agent and an executor of their estate. These are all important roles that could make the difference between an estate plan that runs smoothly both during the person's lifetime and after their death, and an estate plan that is fraught with confusion and fights between a person's loved ones.

How can estate planning can address both life and death wishes?

Some people in Ft. Myers may have created a will, and then considered their estate plan is complete. Others may be so intimidated by the thought of estate planning that they haven't started at all. However, a well-rounded estate plan encompasses more than just a will. It encompasses all the documents a person needs to protect their interests once they have retired as well as pass their assets down to their chosen heirs. The following are some estate planning steps a person can take that will both their needs and their loved ones' needs.

Estate planning for the care of your furry friends

Whether one owns a dog, a cat or any other furry companion, pets provide unconditional love in our lives. Floridians who have gone through the estate planning process may have given very careful and thorough thought to their family members' needs after they pass away. However, Floridians should not neglect to address their pet's needs in the estate planning process.

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