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June 2017 Archives

Estate planning for same-sex couples presents unique issues

Despite the fact that the rights of same-sex couples have come a long way in recent years, same-sex couples in Florida and across the nation face issues in their daily lives that opposite-sex couples do not. For example, estate planning is important for all adults in our nation, but it presents complexities for same-sex couples.

A standalone will plus a testamentary trust can simplify probate

Sometimes a person creates a pour-over will that is supposed to place their remaining assets in a revocable trust, they sometimes fail to first fund that trust. However, merely having such a trust can simplify the probate process. This is because the executor of the person's estate, as the trustee, may be able to transfer all of the person's assets that are subject to the probate process to him or herself and then administer the estate within the trust, making it a private process, unlike probate.

There's no time like the present to get that estate plan in order

Memorial Day kicked off the unofficial start of summer, but what is more important is to remember America's soldiers who were killed in the line of duty. Of course, not everyone has to be a service member to have an unexpected death. That is why it is important for people in Florida to be prepared with an estate plan that dictates how and who will inherit one's property, what life-saving measures the person wants should they become incapacitated and who will handle their financial and health care decisions when they are no longer able to do so.

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