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What happens when there's a claim against my home's title?

When you buy a home and go through closing, there's a sense of finality to the signing of all those documents. Once you've signed multiple copies of every form, initialed a bunch of pages and handed over the certified funds or wire receipt for your down payment, you own the home. The agent or seller gives you the keys, and you start living your life in your new space.

Planning is key to helping prevent heirs contesting your will

When you plan your estate, you want to make sure that certain items go to particular people you love or even charities you support. The whole reason people invest in creating an estate plan or last will is to ensure that their wishes will get carried out after their passing. Unfortunately, your heirs may not feel the same way you do about what is fair when it comes to dividing your assets.

Some signs that you may need to contest an executor in court

Handling someone's estate is a difficult and often thankless job. The executor typically doesn't get paid, beyond what inheritance was already granted in the will, and he or she will need to deal with a lot of stressors. Most people rise to the occasion and do their best to follow the last wishes of someone they loved who has died. Sometimes, unfortunately, the person who gets left in charge of executing a last will or handling an estate simply isn't up to the challenge.

5 things to avoid when creating your estate plan

Everyone needs an estate plan, even people who don't have a lot of assets. This is because the estate plan does much more than just naming who is going to get what assets. You can also set provisions for who will care for children and pets, as well as who is going to make decisions for you if you are incapable of making them for yourself.

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