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Don't let potential tax reform stop you from estate planning

Many of our readers in Florida are probably seeing a lot of reports about the potential for federal tax reform. In Florida, with no state income tax, any change to the federal tax code is a pretty big deal. The potential for changes may even have many people taking a "wait-and-see" approach when it comes to important financial matters such as investing, buying a home or even estate planning.

Should women approach estate planning differently than men?

Married couples often approach the estate planning process together. After all, most married couples jointly own many different assets, such as homes and automobiles, so they have an interest in making sure that their estate plans match up. For most couples, the primary beneficiary of the estate is the other spouse. But, should women approach estate planning differently than men?

What are the basics of guardianship law in Florida?

There are circumstances in which Florida residents become incapacitated in some way and are, therefore, unable to make decisions regarding their healthcare or finances. When this occurs, a guardian may need to be appointed by a court. So, what are the basics of guardianship law in Florida?

Checking off each step in the estate planning process

For most Florida residents, the first part of estate planning is to "demystify" the process. After all, most people aren't familiar with the various aspects of estate planning that can have a significant impact on your assets. A recent article came up with a "checklist" to help Americans understand what needs to occur on a step-by-step basis in the estate planning process.

What are the biggest myths about estate planning?

Many Florida residents are probably under the impression that estate planning is difficult. In some cases, they are right. But, there are quite a few misconceptions about estate planning. So, what are the biggest myths about estate planning that our readers should know about?

How a living will can help your family

There are a lot of items that people in Florida need to be taken into consideration when working on their estate plan, which can include a will or a trust. By creating a trust, one may be able to avoid probate, which in the end can save your loved ones time and money. Moreover, a comprehensive estate plan can help asset distribution run more smoothly. However, one thing that should not be taken lightly or left off the table is that of a living will.

Estate planning for same-sex couples presents unique issues

Despite the fact that the rights of same-sex couples have come a long way in recent years, same-sex couples in Florida and across the nation face issues in their daily lives that opposite-sex couples do not. For example, estate planning is important for all adults in our nation, but it presents complexities for same-sex couples.

There's no time like the present to get that estate plan in order

Memorial Day kicked off the unofficial start of summer, but what is more important is to remember America's soldiers who were killed in the line of duty. Of course, not everyone has to be a service member to have an unexpected death. That is why it is important for people in Florida to be prepared with an estate plan that dictates how and who will inherit one's property, what life-saving measures the person wants should they become incapacitated and who will handle their financial and health care decisions when they are no longer able to do so.

Trust, prenup at issue following Alan Thicke's death

Florida residents may be interested to hear that a war may be brewing between the children of late actor Alan Thicke and his widow. In 1988, Thicke drafted a living trust. Later, when he married his now widow he entered into a prenuptial agreement with her in September 2004. The couple wed in May 2005.

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