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Category Archives: Wills Trusts


What Are Totten Trusts?

By Kuhn Law Firm, P.A. |

Trusts are often confusing to people who are thinking about making an estate plan. One reason is that there are many different types of trusts. And something may even be called a “trust” even though it does not involve a great deal of formal paperwork to establish. Using Payable-on-Death Accounts to Bypass Probate For… Read More »

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Does a Florida Will Need to Be Notarized?

By Kuhn Law Firm, P.A. |

Like most states, Florida law requires a valid last will and testament to be signed in the presence of at least two witnesses, each of whom must also sign the will. The witnesses are usually disinterested parties–i.e., not individuals who stand to inherit under the will–and they do not necessarily need to know the… Read More »

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