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Fort Myers Estate Planning & Probate Lawyer
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Finding the right firm is crucial to your success

When deciding on law professionals to form legal documents for your estate planning, one needs to find a firm with not only experience and knowledge of the law, but a firm dedicated to working with clients on an individual and personal basis.

Legal documents and law in general can seem overwhelming to many; it is important to find a firm who specifically addresses all its clients’ individual questions and issues quickly and efficiently. One should find a firm dedicated to helping their clients draft effective legal documents to assure rights are protected and goals are met in the court of law.

Finding the right firm for you can affect the outcome of a ruling, and can be the difference between simple court decisions or important rulings which could affect your life for years or a lifetime. In short, finding the right firm can be the difference between success and failure.

Our team here at Kuhn Law Firm, P.A. works directly with all our clients, and are proud of our exceptional service, including an assurance that all inquiries and questions are answered on the day they are asked. Our firm handles many types of probate, estate administration and legal issues including but not limited to estate planning; state and federal estate taxes; personal injury; guardianship; real estate services; business and commercial law; probate, estate and trust litigation; probate, estate and trust administration and ADR mediation. Initial consultations are free. We are here to discuss and develop a plan that ensures your estate planning needs are addressed and handled to your satisfaction.

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