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Florida probate laws lay Groundwork for efficient administration

Like most states, Florida has a lot of laws. These laws are codified and made available to the public. While many of them may not interest the average Floridian, the probate laws may be interesting to those tasked with administering an estate. These statutes set forth such things as will formalities, intestate succession and administration.

A brief review of these laws can be overwhelming. With so many rules, it is easy to get intimidated by the challenge of distributing a loved one’s estate to the proper beneficiaries. Believe it or not, Florida’s probate laws are actually a model for simplicity and efficiency.

In the past, estate planning and the administration of an estate required expertise in archaic laws with little practical value. Today, however, these issues are governed by a legal scheme which is intended to be user friendly. Nevertheless, there is still a bit of a formulaic hurdle which must be cleared.

Local Lee County estate planning lawyers have mastered Florida’s legal landscape and know the best way to administer an estate. These experienced professionals have helped thousands of heirs account for and distribute assets to resolve a loved one’s estate.

Too often, missteps and minor errors in administration lead to contention amongst family members and possibly probate litigation. These problems can be avoided with professional help. Local estate lawyers will comply with all necessary notice requirements, obtain requisite court approval and eliminate the ambiguities which lead to mistakes.

Anyone questioning how to go about the resolution of an estate should contact a local expert to show them the simplest way to administer the estate.

Source: The Florida Senate, “2012 Florida Statutes,” Accessed on September 23, 2014

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