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How can I assure that my final health decisions are met?

The death of a loved one can leave a family in shambles. This may be especially true if the person who passed away had significant assets. To avoid such potential issues and arguments between family members, it is often in a person’s best interest to create a will. A will can not only establish a trusted friend or family member as executor, but will also list all of a testator’s assets and how the assets are to be distributed at the time of the testator’s death.

Although a testator will appoint a power of attorney with the trustee’s best interest in mind, there is still no assurance that the power of attorney will adhere to the agreement. When a power of attorney’s intentions is not in line with the trustee’s will, this may lead to a contested will.

If you are involved in a dispute regarding a contested will, it is likely you will need legal representation in court. Finding the right lawyer to protect your rights and assure that you receive the assets you are entitled to is crucial. The law offices of Kuhn Law Firm, P.A., understands your concerns. Our goals are to represent you and your best interests during these troubling times. We proudly serve clients throughout the Fort Myers, Florida area with professional and personal treatment to understand your situation and to develop the best plan of action.

Regardless of the issue, having the right team at your side may be the difference losing a case and obtaining the assets you deserve and most importantly, the wishes and intentions of the deceased trustee.

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