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Rocker leaves sizable estate to wife, children and two others

Deciding who should receive one’s assets after they pass away can sometimes involve careful thought and rigorous planning. An individual may also have to consider different methods to pass their assets on to their heirs. Now, it seems that one famous rocker carefully considered this very question when he created his will.

Rocker David Bowie, who died this month at the age of 69, has left his estate to five individuals including his wife, actress and model Iman. It was also learned that besides his wife, Bowie also left assets to four other heirs; his son and his daughter, his personal assistant and a former nanny. Bowie’s estate has been valued at $100 million dollars.

Iman will receive approximately half of Bowie’s estate. However, Bowie included language in his will that prevents Iman from obtaining all of her portion immediately. Rather, the Ziggy Stardust rocker took the unusual step of instructing two of his attorneys to distribute income from his trust fund to his wife four times a year. It is not known how much money will be distributed at these times. Bowie’s will also indicates that Iman can ask for additional funds in order to support her “health, education and maintenance.” She will also inherit the couple’s apartment in Manhattan.Bowie’s son, filmmaker Duncan Jones, will not have any restrictions placed on his inheritance. He will inherit about $25 million of Bowie’s estate in one payment. Bowie’s daughter, 15-year-old Lexi, must wait until she is 25 to receive her inheritance. She will also inherit Bowie’s vacation home located in upstate New York at that time.

Careful distribution of one’s assets is one way to ensure that one’s heirs are properly taken care of. However, any Florida resident who is creating their will may want to speak to an estate planning attorney in order to find out the best way to bequeath one’s assets to their rightful heirs.

Source: pagesix.com, “David Bowie leaves Iman roughly half of his fortune,” Julia Marsh, Jan. 29, 2016

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