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Smooth estate administration planning requires pro-activity

This blog regularly discusses issues with estate planning. From wills to trusts, there are countless ways for local Fort Myers and Lee County residents to control their final wishes. In practice, though, these plans can be undone by poor administration. As a result, any comprehensive estate plan must make provisions for a smooth estate administration.

One of the most important parts of any estate administration is appointing an executor or personal representative. This individual is given broad control over the management and day-to-day affairs of the estate. Moreover, while estate plans seek to weed out all contingencies, there will come a time when the executor will need to make a discretionary decision.

As a result, a well thought out estate plan can be undone by failing to consider the implications of administration. This outcome, though, can be avoided by simply being proactive about the administration of an estate. After all, leaving important matters, like your wealth, to chance is never advisable. By considering the numerous legal issues and/or probate issues that will arise during the administration of an estate, an individual can exert some control over most aspects of that estate.

Local Lee County estate lawyers have decades of experience assisting local residents in the creation and implementation of their estate plans. They can explain the issues which demand a comprehensive estate plan. In addition, if administration has already begun, they can advise the representative of the estate through the process. No matter where you are in the process, a local lawyer can help guide you out of the wilderness.

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