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Those facing probate litigation may want legal advice

When a person in Florida loses a loved one they experience a wide range of emotions. Whether their loved one’s life was cut short at a young age, or whether their loved one lived well into their elder years, it is never easy when a loved one dies. Sadness can overwhelm a person during such a time. However, this sadness can be compounded if a person thinks their loved one’s estate is being mishandled. That is because even if a loved one left a will, there are reasons why a person might have an issue with the will that leads to probate litigation.

For example, there might be a will contest. This might take place if a person thinks that their loved one’s will should not be deemed valid for some reason. For example, there may be different opinions about how the will ought to be interpreted. Also, it may be argued that a loved one only created a will under undue influence or that their loved one lacked the capacity to create a valid will altogether.

Another example of probate litigation is the removal of an executor. Sometimes a family member disagrees with the person chosen as the executor of their loved one’s estate. They may have a reason to believe that this person should not serve in that role.

A third example of probate litigation is if there is a disagreement with one of the estate’s creditors. When a person’s estate goes through probate, the deceased’s liabilities will be paid out of their estate. However, sometimes disputes arise as to whether these liabilities are valid and therefore whether they should be enforced.

When it comes to probate litigation, a person’s loved ones should consider seeking legal advice, as these are complicated matters. Most people are unfamiliar with the laws surrounding probate litigation issues. In order to make sure they have a full understanding of their legal options when it comes to making decisions regarding probate litigation, it can help to speak to an attorney.

For example, Attorney Scott Kuhn has represented many people in the Fort Myers area who are facing probate litigation. His experience in such matters means that he can provide personal and compassionate advice and representation to his clients. His webpage on probate litigation may help Fort Myers residents who want more information on this topic.

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