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Fort Myers Estate Planning & Probate Lawyer
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Trust Administration Experts Available in Fort Myers

By now, most individuals are familiar with the general concept of a trust. Rather than just gifting a large sum of assets to beneficiaries, many individuals choose to direct those funds in a controlled way. The most common example is grandparents who provide for their grandchildren’s education before granting them a larger lump sum of money for things like a down payment on a home once they attain a certain age.

Like anything, though, the devil is in the details with a trust. While individuals may have a general theme in their minds of what they want, carrying this out in a practical manner is half the battle. Moreover, while the creation of a trust document can set forth the appropriate conditions of a trust, proper trust administration is not guaranteed. This is where the Kuhn Law Firm in Fort Myers, Florida has provided a significant service to the local community.

The trust specialists at the Kuhn Law Firm go well beyond just drafting a trust and sending their clients on their way. These professionals will walk clients through the practicalities of managing funds and disbursing proceeds to beneficiaries. They routinely advise trustees on their duties and assist with reporting requirements and other sophisticated aspects of a trust.

Too often, trusts are drafted and then forgotten leaving their terms unheeded. The Kuhn Law Firm is experienced at making sure this does not happen. They can help set up systems to ensure your intent is carried out exactly how you wish.

The estate planning and administration lawyers at the Kuhn Law Firm can walk anyone through the various types of trusts and options for those seeking to shore up their assets for loved ones. From a revocable trust to an inter vivos trust, these experts will ensure you have the right trust with the right plan of executing its intent.

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