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Trust administration help available to Fort Myers residents

Every day in America, including Fort Myers, someone learns that he or she has been named the trustee of a trust, and every day someone wonders what the trustee of a trust is supposed to do. In many respects, the trustee is simply tasked with carrying out the terms of the trust. The trust, however, can fall anywhere on the complexity and asset spectrum.

Some trusts have modest assets and are simple designed to benefit a single person. Other trusts are valued at millions of dollars and seek to benefit thousands of people. No matter the scenario, trustees in the Fort Myers area may need assistance from experienced legal professionals in handling trust administration. The estate attorneys at the Kuhn Law Firm can help trustees understand their lawful responsibilities and how best to carry out their duties as fiduciaries.

What many people do not know is that the trustee of a trust can be personally liable to the beneficiaries of the trust. Florida law imposes certain restrictions on what a trustee can and cannot do. In addition, trustees may also have to abide by certain notice requirements and or gain court approval for their actions. In the event one of these guidelines is disregarded, beneficiaries may have a claim against the trustee or the trust.

To avoid such a scenario trustees are encouraged to seek counsel from local attorneys who have drafted and administered hundreds of trusts. The individuals at the Kuhn Law Firm will sit down with you to review the requirements and intent of the trust instrument. They will also go through your duties and obligations under the trust and Florida law. If necessary, these professionals can also pursue court action to work through any issues which may have arisen.

No matter what questions you have concerning a trust you are administering and one in which you are a beneficiary, the attorneys at Kuhn Law Firm can help you find answers and peace of mind. Help is available, but you have to seek it first.

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